City of Oak Hill website. Nice people, competent, easy to deal with. Our Building Inspector is Dennis Fischer, he is available Tuesdays and Thursdays (but call first) and he will tell you "How" not "Why you can't." When you call, press "2" to bypass messages.

City Commission meetings are on the second and fourth Monday of each month, 6 PM at city hall.

Burns Sci-Tech STEM school is an "A" rated school grades K through 12. There are over 1,200 students enrolled, with a current waiting list of over 2,000! The original buildings were surplussed by the county, we organized our own school board and the whole town pitched in to refurbish the buildings. NASA donated another 10,000 square feet (buildings from the Cape) which became the Middle School. The high school building was completed in 2022. Burns is the largest employer in Oak Hill.

New Smyrna Beach Visitor's Bureau covers the entire southeast Volusia area (Oak Hill, Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach) and if anyone says "There's nothing to do around here" a visit to this site will show them the error of their ways. Basically, this area is jumping! (I was on this board for five years, took a break, and I'm on it again. If you can't find something to do around here, you just aren't trying.)

Southeast Volusia Manufacturing and Technology Coalition was established in 2017 to bring high tech, clean, aerospace manufacturers to this area. Oak Hill is in the middle of the "Space Triangle", bounded by Orlando on the west, Kennedy Space Center on the south and Daytona Beach and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University on the north. "If you are in the Space business, here is where you need to be."

NASA launch schedule. We are just under 20 NM from the launch facilities at KSC, and you can see and hear the launches from your own front yard, back yard, pool deck, sun deck, whatever! Put on a pair of sunglasses, sit down and relax, the future is happening now, right here!