Glide Path Fly-In Homes

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Glide Path Fly-In Homes

Rare purchase opportunity: Private airstrip homesites available at 2FD6, 20 miles south of Daytona, just off US-1.

Build your fly-in dream home here!

Deeded perpetual access to private 3,300 foot by 100 foot turf airstrip. Clear approaches north and south.

2.5+ acre sites starting at $225,000, surrounded by protected resource corridors, nobody will be building in your back yard.

Relaxed, quiet small town, half an hour to Daytona, just under an hour to Orlando, half an hour to Kennedy Space Center, ten minutes to New Smyrna Beach art galleries, cultural activities, and of course, the beaches.

Excellent schools (Burns Sci-Tech, an "A" graded STEM school, K-10 right in town), near Embry Riddle, Daytona State College, University of Central Florida, Stetson University.

Lots are mostly cleared, some power already on site. Light footprint homeowner's association, reasonable homeowner fees, in city limits and the city is easy to work with.

Live The Dream!

We are developing a small, friendly general aviation community, EAA builders welcome.

There will only be 15 sites available, total. Sales will begin summer of 2022, so if you are interested in taking advantage of this rare purchase opportunity, click here to e-mail us .

We are the owners and developers, you are dealing direct, not through twelve intermediaries, and we live here now.

(One of the owners holds an active Florida Real Estate Sales license, and is required by law to state so. Guaranteed no pressure or hard sell.)

Did we mention that Florida has no state income tax?

Florida also has no annual tax on aircraft or aircraft registrations.
General Aviation News

What would you like to see?

Ben Sclair at General Aviation News was kind enough to run a survey for us. The question was this: What do YOU want to see in a fly-in community?

  • 1) The preferred lot size was between one and two acres (54%), or three to four acres (12%). Our lots are about 2.5 acres each, with at least an acre and a half buildable. While 25% of the respondents would consider lot sizes under an acre, zoning here won't allow it, and we'd like to keep this a low-density place to live.
  • 2) About half (52%) said the air park should not restrict the style or size of the homes, and the other half (48%) said they should. There are minimum sizes specified by city zoning, and we anticipate "gentle" restrictions on size and style. See the next question.
  • 3) 17% said no homeowner's association, 27% said a strong homeowner's association, and 56% preferred a weak/basic homeowner's association. We're going with the weak association. We do need to have some ability to manage the air park's business, but we have no intention of becoming intrusive or dictatorial.
  • 4) 70% of the respondents said they wanted to be in a small community. Oak Hill is exactly that, we have about 2,000 residents. 25% said they wanted to be near a large city. Orlando is just under an hour away (and we don't have their congestion or prices!). Five percent wanted a rural area. All we can say is come and look around, you'll like the neighborhood.

    We are ten minutes from I-95 to the south, 15 minutes from I-95 to the north, and we are just a few blocks off US-1.
  • 5) 60% wanted to buy an existing home, 40% wanted to build. We don't have existing homes, this is a new air park. We do, however, have a number of excellent homebuilders in the area. The city is easy to deal with and the building inspector is a gem, he tells you how, not why you can't.
  • 6) How many lots? 58% wanted 20 to 49 lots in the air park. We should have 15 homes. 12% wanted 100 to 200, 15% wanted fewer than 20, and 15% wanted 50 to 99. Big fly-ins become unmanageable, tiny ones can't support extensive services.
  • 7) We will try very hard to keep fees as low as possible. Right now, we may be able to keep the monthly fees under $150, with the assumption that some residents may mow the easements or generally help out at the airstrip. 37% of the respondents said they wanted fees under $100 a month, 53% said $100 to $250, 8.5% would pay $250 to $499 a month, and a few hardy souls were willing to pay over $500 a month. (wow!)

    The fees cover runway maintenance and air park maintenance. Runway maintenance includes the liability insurance premium and mowing/fertilizing, etc., while the air park maintenance is mostly for signage and easement grading.
  • 8) Our runway (16/34) is grass. 52% wanted pavement, hopefully we will have enough other advantages to convince at least some of them that this isn't a deal breaker. 22% wanted concrete. A matching number, also 22% wanted grass, and four percent didn't care. There are currently no plans to pave the runway (so I guess that leaves out the Learjet crowd).
  • 9) Over half (53%) wanted a runway of 3,000 to 3,500 feet. We've got it. We are about at 3,300 feet, give or take. Approach from the south is unobstructed, from the north, there are some trees which are not very tall, so the landing threshold is displaced slightly. Only 12% wanted a runway longer than 3,500 feet, everyone else was happy with that or less.
  • 10) Presently, the field is unlighted. We may install reflectors and eventually pilot-controlled lights. We don't anticipate very much night operation, but lights are very welcome if you get home later than you expected.
Discover Glide-Path Benefits

Build your fly-in dream home here!

Hangar your airplane at home!

Stop renting insecure tie-downs or expensive, far away hangars. Keep your airplane and your money at home.

Lower Fees

We will try very hard to keep fees as low as possible. Right now, we may be able to keep the monthly fees under $150.00

Generous Lot Size

Our generously sized lots are about 2.5 acres each, and allow for at least an acre and a half buildable space on them.

Flexible Schedule

You can schedule your trips comfortably knowing that you are both flying in to, and out of, your own backyard. No rushing, no problem.

Location Excellence

We are ten minutes from I-95 to the south, 15 minutes from I-95 to the north, and we are just a few blocks off US-1.

Gentle Restrictions

There are minimum sizes specified by city zoning, however we anticipate "gentle" restrictions on size and style of homes.

Live The Dream!

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I'm usually not near a phone, and I can't hear it in my airplane, on my tractor or in my hangar anyway. I'll phone or e-mail you back, as you prefer.